The IQOS Myth Busters you need to know

The IQOS Myth Busters you need to know

Are you an adult smoker who are considering the switch from cigarette smoking to IQOS tobacco heating system? With any new technology, there are always myths that need to be sorted from the reality. Here, we bust some of the most popular myths around IQOS.


1. MYTH: IQOS burns tobacco

TRUTH: Cigarettes burn tobacco; IQOS heats tobacco. Therefore, unlike cigarettes, IQOS has no risk of burning others around you, pets, clothes, and furniture as there is no lit end.


2. MYTH: IQOS tobacco heating system produces smoke

TRUTH: IQOS tobacco heating system is the first of our current smoke-free products portfolio. Unlike cigarettes, IQOS tobacco heating system does not burn tobacco and therefore produces no smoke. This means that IQOS generates no cigarette smoke smell. In addition, when using IQOS, the tobacco vapor dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke.


3. MYTH: Heated tobacco sticks don’t contain nicotine

TRUTH: IQOS is used with tobacco sticks containing tobacco, and nicotine is naturally present in tobacco. Nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco plant and is not an ingredient which we add to the tobacco sticks. Therefore, using IQOS is addictive.


4. MYTH: I can use traditional cigarettes in my IQOS

TRUTH: You can’t use traditional cigarettes in your IQOS. Instead, you need to use heated tobacco sticks, which are specifically designed for heating, not for smoking.


5. MYTH: IQOS tobacco heating system is the same as an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)

TRUTH: No, IQOS is not an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). IQOS heats real tobacco to generate a nicotine-containing vapor while electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) produce a nicotine-containing vapor without using tobacco. Both categories are alternatives to smoking which eliminate the burning (combustion) of tobacco. However, the difference is that IQOS uses tobacco while electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) do not.


6. MYTH: IQOS is a smoking cessation device

TRUTH: No, IQOS is an alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke without many of the inconveniences of cigarettes, such as ash or smoke. Therefore, IQOS is not a cessation device or intended as a device to quit smoking. If you are concerned about the health effects of smoking, your best option is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.


7. MYTH: IQOS stands for ‘I Quit Ordinary Smoking’

TRUTH: It doesn't. Instead, it's a brand name used to represent PMI's cutting-edge research and innovative technology in smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes.


This product is not risk free. This product is intended for adult use only.