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IQOS vs traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes: what is the difference?

At present, there are a great many alternatives to cigarettes for adult smokers. Nonetheless, the differences between the many variants are not always clear, nor indeed does everyone understand the use and purpose of such alternatives. This is why, below, we will explain the difference between the traditional manner of consuming tobacco and IQOS, a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.

What is the difference between IQOS and traditional cigarettes?

The main difference between using IQOS and consuming traditional cigarettes is combustion. When a cigarette is lit, combustion is generated, where the tobacco reaches a temperature of more than 800°C, which produces smoke and ash.

Yet in the case of IQOS, the tobacco is not burnt, but instead heated. Thanks to HeatControl™ technology, the tobacco is heated to an optimal temperature of up to 350°C, avoiding its burning.

This allows IQOS to replace the disturbance of cigarette smoke and odour with tobacco vapour, which dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke. In turn, it leaves less of an odour in furniture and fabrics than cigarettes and means it is less likely to bother those around you. Additionally, as there is no lit tip, with IQOS there is also no risk of burning those around you, nor pets, clothes or furniture.

How is IQOS different from electronic cigarettes?

Although IQOS is frequently compared with vaping, it is actually a very different device to electronic cigarettes.

IQOS is not an electronic cigarette as, differently to these types of products, it does not use liquids. IQOS is used with units of tobacco for heating, specifically designed for use in this device. The IQOS HeatControl™ technology controls the temperature of the device heating plate, a highly sophisticated element made of ceramic, platinum, gold and silver, which prevents the tobacco from burning. Ultimately, differently to electronic cigarettes (which use a resistance, a battery to heat and vaporise a liquid solution), IQOS incorporates innovative technology used to heat units of real tobacco.

These units of tobacco for heating contain nicotine, an addictive substance naturally present in tobacco leaves. Nicotine is addictive and can cause side effects similar to those associated with other products that contain nicotine: please read this important information about IQOS.

IQOS is not a tool designed to help smokers stop consuming tobacco; it is a better option for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes.

The use and design of IQOS

The advanced IQOS HeatControl™ technology means that the duration of use of IQOS is very similar to that of a traditional cigarette: approximately 6 minutes or 14 draws, whichever is first.

Additionally, IQOS flaunts a fine, elegant design that has been awarded international prizes and which is, above all, easy to use, making it an elegant, user-friendly device, suitable for carrying with you anywhere and use any time.

Where can IQOS devices be found?

  • At the on-line store of the IQOS website, a full range of IQOS products is on sale, designed for adult smokers.
  • authorised IQOS sales points and stores. Visit the finder section of our website to find your nearest store.

And if you are still not sure and would like a trial period before buying it, we give you the option of trying out IQOS for 7 days, completely free of charge. 


This product is not risk free. This product is intended for adult use only.