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Summer is already here, but are you ready?

There is nothing better than the arrival of good weather and holidays. Whether you decide to travel within Spain, head abroad or simply stay at home, the summer is the perfect time to relax, doing what you most enjoy, alone or with friends and family.

If you are planning on making the most of your time off to travel, remember to put your essentials in your case: your sunglasses, a good book, sun cream and, if you are an IQOS user, your IQOS and its accessories, of course.

Make a list with everything you cannot leave behind and do not forget to include your IQOS charger and cleaning kit, necessary to ensure optimal use of IQOS, wherever you may go.

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No matter how you organise your trip, whether planning your holiday a year ahead or instead improvising some last minute travel or even staying in your home town. Wherever you are, the IQOS assistance service will be on hand at all times, wherever you need it.

Wherever you go, IQOS adapts to you. Discover what we have prepared, according to your destination:

Staying in Spain

Gran Via de MAdrid - IQOS


Heading abroad is without doubt a very enriching experience, but so is getting to know your own country. If you have decided to stay put in Spain this summer and set about discovering its own enchantment, you can benefit from full IQOS technical assistance and services at the selected IQOS sales points in Corte Inglés and other shopping centres as well as in a great many IQOS sales outlets across the country.



Heading out of Spain

Canal en una ciudad - IQOS


Discovering new countries and customs is one of the most exciting experiences there is. Here at IQOS, we have thought it all out and want you to fee secure during your travels. With the new special support service IQOS assistance is now available virtually all over Europe and Switzerland.




I'll be in Madrid

Madrid plaza Major - IQOS


Don’t miss the new IQOS & CO space, an oasis in the city where you can enjoy exquisite dishes and the excellent cultural programme designed just for you. Don’t forget to visit the IQOS store in the IQOS & CO space, where a specialised support team is on hand to solve any issues, clean your device free of charge and much more besides. Find out more about the new IQOS & CO space




If you prefer to wait until the last minute, you can also find us in various international airports in Spain, like the Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport of Madrid.

And, just for this summer, to make sure we’re close at hand, we have opened another 17 IQOS sales outlets along the Spanish coastlines. These are the temporary outlets:

Puntos de asistencia en España - IQOS

Remember you still have your regular IQOS sales outlet available in the peninsula, on the Canary Islands or on the Balearic Islands.

Find your nearest sales outlet in Spain here.


This product is not risk free. This product is intended for adult use only.