The alternatives to traditional tobacco

May 9 2019

The alternatives to traditional tobacco: Why don’t all smokers want the same thing?

IQOS is the result of many years of work and research and offers a better alternative for adult smokers. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have been around on the market for many years now, but only IQOS gives an alternative using real tobacco instead of liquid with nicotine.

The revolutionary IQOS HeatControl™ technology is based on heating tobacco rather than combustion. At first glance, it may appear that the change from burning to heating is not a major one, yet it is. It is the turning point that will change the way tobacco is consumed forever.

How is IQOS technology a better choice than smoking?

The key lies in the temperature. The heart of the IQOS device features the heating plate, which heats the tobacco without burning it up to approximately 350º, whilst in traditional cigarettes this temperature exceeds 800º, burning and producing smoke.

The temperature reached by heating tobacco units that IQOS devices use suffices to release a tobacco aerosol that contains nicotine.

It is important to highlight that IQOS is not a tool to stop consuming tobacco and nicotine but a better alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. You need to know that IQOS isn’t risk free and that the heated tobacco units used contain nicotine, which is addictive. The best way to reduce risks related to tobacco is to completely quit tobacco products and nicotine.

Why is IQOS a better choice than traditional tobacco?

  1. IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it, therefore it generates no ash and no smoke.
  2. Unlike traditional cigarettes, IQOS has no risk of burning others around you, pets, clothes, and furniture as there is no lit end.
  3. IQOS generates less smell than cigarettes and it is less likely to bother people around you.
  4. When using IQOS, the tobacco vapor dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke.
  5. Smokers who switched to IQOS say that their breath smells better [1] and that there is less unpleasant feeling and aftertaste left in their mouth compared to smoking traditional cigarettes [2].

These are the main advantages of using IQOS devices compared to continuing to smoke. That’s why more than 7.3 million smokers worldwide have made the change from traditional cigarettes to IQOS. The key to the success lies in the fact that our devices have found the way to satisfy the needs of smokers wishing to find a better alternative.

The various alternatives to traditional tobacco offered by IQOS

At IQOS, we know that not all smokers want the same thing and this is why we strive to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Take a look at this comparison of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi, two of our main products.

IQOS 3: the most advanced alternative to tobacco

IQOS 3 is the alternative for those looking for an improved, high technological performance product.

  • The system consists of two elements: device and pocket charger
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • The improved ProtectPlus™ system offers greater product reliability and durability
  • USB-C charging port
  • A large range of accessories to customise your IQOS

IQOS 3 Multi: the alternative to tobacco for intensive use

IQOS 3 Multi is designed for smokers who do not want to have to wait for their device to charge between each use.

  • It is a unique device.
  • Designed with a built-in pocket.
  • Its main feature is that it can be used for 10 times consecutively without needing to charge it between each use.
  • USB-C charging port
  • A large range of accessories to customise your IQOS

For more details, information about the weight, size, charging time, battery capacity, etc., consult our website, where full explanations are given of all the technical data of both products. And if you have any doubt, contact us through the various channels available:


[1] Source: Online survey conducted by third-party research agencies in 2016 and 2017 among 3.157 IQOS users in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Romania and Spain.

[2] Source: Online survey conducted by third-party research agencies in 2015, 2016 and 2017 among 3.344 IQOS users in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Romania and Russia

Do you consume nicotine by using IQOS?

May 2 2019

Do you consume nicotine by using IQOS?

Yes, nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco leaf which is used in the production of heated tobacco units, that have been designed to be used with IQOS.

However, nicotine is addictive and may cause side-effects similar to those associated with other nicotine-containing products. Click here for more information.

A better alternative to tobacco? Yes, IQOS

Today, there are various alternatives available to traditional tobacco. From Philip Morris Internacional (PMI) we introduce you a better alternative: IQOS. In recent years, the search for a better lifestyle has given rise to a large quantity of smokeless alternatives, like IQOS, that uses real tobacco.

This makes IQOS so much more than an electronic device, it represents the future or those smokers searching a better alternative to traditional tobacco. IQOS has a unique formula that makes it special: its HeatControl™ patented system. When heating tobacco, it produces an aerosol which contains nicotine, but doesn’t generate smoke, ash or cigarette-like smell.

IQOS encompasses sophistication and convenience in a single device: its compact, ergonomic design that is easy to carry with you at all times, means your electronic device can be ready for use at any time. See how IQOS works and what accessories can be used to tailor it to your needs.

Get the latest version of IQOS

From Phillip Morris International (PMI) we have created a series of products that eliminate tobacco combustion. This new generation of electronic devices are the future of a smokeless life, cigarette-like smell or ash.

Our online store offers various different models of IQOS to suit different lifestyles and needs. Find yours and get your latest IQOS accessories, like the different colour casings. You can also buy the latest version, the IQOS 3, which features a compact, ergonomic design and functions with IQOS PortectPlus™, the best protection for your device.

Do you want to know more about IQOS?

Want to buy your electronic device but still in doubt as to how IQOS works? Contact us via our  Live Chat, which you can find at the bottom right corner of our webpage, through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter) or ask for assistance at your nearest IQOS store. You can also call Customer Services on 900 152 015 (free calls from Spain, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 9:00pm; weekends 9:00am to 6:00pm - 1 hour earlier in the Canary Islands). Or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

And if you still don’t have your IQOS, don’t delay: ask for your free trial IQOS now.


How IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi work. Beginner’s guide

April 25 2019

How do IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi work? Beginner’s guide

One of the main characteristics of the IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi devices is how easy they are to handle and their discreet design, making them perfect for carrying with you at all times, in your pocket or handbag. If you have just bought your very own electronic device IQOS, this guide will help you start enjoying IQOS.

The first thing you need to know is that thanks to IQOS HeatControl technology, the tobacco is not burnt, rather it is heated. The heating plate takes the tobacco to a temperature of 350 degrees. IQOS non-combustible tobacco technology is the result of a great many years of research and hard work.



IQOS 3 is a system that consists of two parts: the device and the pocket charger. Its compact design fits easily everywhere and keeps the device charged for 20 uses. The new Protect Plus system offers greater resistance to impacts, ensuring the battery lasts longer and improving the opening system.

The IQOS 3 kit, also on sale on our online store, includes the following:

  • A pocket charger
  • An IQOS 3 device
  • A power adapter
  • IQOS cleaner
  • IQOS cleaning sticks

How does your IQOS 3 work? Basic steps to use your device

  1. Fill your device with the heated tobacco stick.
  2. Press the button until you feel it vibrates.
  3. When the light remains fix and the device vibrates, it is ready for you to use
  4. Your device will warn you when 30 seconds remain by vibrating twice.
  5. When the light goes out, you have finished.
  6. Pull from the cap and remove the used heated tobacco stick.
  7. Now charge the device with the pocket charger.


IQOS 3 Multi

If you just can’t wait, the IQOS 3 Multi is designed and conceived for you and all those who cannot wait that extra minute. IQOS 3 Multi allows you to use it 10 times consecutively with just one charge. Forget about the pocket charger, its built-in, all-in-one design is perfect for carrying it conveniently in your pocket, bag or hand, always ready for use, making it perfect for those with hectic lifestyles and limited time available.

How does the IQOS 3 Multi work? Basic steps to use your device

  1. Press and hold the button for 4 seconds to turn your IQOS 3 Multi on.
  2. Rotate the device cap and insert the heated tobacco stick.
  3. Press down until the filter line of your heated tobacco stick.
  4. Keep the button pressed until it vibrates.
  5. Once ready for use, the button will stay white and the support will vibrate twice.
  6. When running out, 30 seconds before the end, the device will vibrate twice thereby letting you know that you have finished.
  7. When the light goes out, the session will be finished,
  8. Pull the cap up and remove the used heated tobacco stick.
  9. You can use it up to 10 times consecutively, without needing to charge the device.


As you will have seen, using IQOS devices is very easy but if you have any doubt at all, please take a look at our FAQ section or contact us via the Live Chat option available on this page, or use any of the contact channels available in our help section.

And if you want to customise your device, you can do so with your favourite IQOS accessories: tips, covers, leather cases... there is a huge selection of possible combinations. Take a look at our online store to see more.


IQOS is an Intuitive Alternative to Smoking

April 18 2019

Developed for smokers, IQOS is an intuitive alternative to smoking

Built with smokers in mind, the intuitive design of IQOS is a result of over 10 years of research and development. Let’s look in more detail at the device, a winner of the 2017 Good Design Award.

Slim and stylish design

Weighing in at approximately 120 g, IQOS is so light you can take it anywhere. The heft of the device feels light in the hands, and with dimensions of approximately 11 cm by 5 cm, it’s about the size of a small mobile handset.

The Jury of the Good Design Awards 2017 say, “The distinct shape and the combination of sleek metallic tones with neutral colourways… gives IQOS an aesthetically pleasing and smart feeling that integrate elegantly into everyday life.”

Simple to use, ready at a touch

To use IQOS, simply insert a specially designed heated tobacco stick into the IQOS holder and press the button to heat the tobacco. There’s no need to continuously hold down on any buttons like some e-cigarettes, and after the experience is over (14 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes first), your IQOS will shut off automatically.

Place the IQOS holder into the pocket charger again to charge the holder for your next experience. Some IQOS users prefer to always have their IQOS ready, and buy a second holder, for continuous charging. Our variety of carry cases are designed to hold an IQOS, a second IQOS holder, and a pack of heated tobacco sticks for convenient carrying.

Convenient pocket charger and battery indicator

The pocket charger holds the IQOS holder while charging and also stores the holder when it’s not in use. Indicator lights on the pocket charger ensure you always know when your IQOS holder is charged and how much battery remains in the pocket charger. One light indicates 25% battery power remaining, two lights 50% battery power remaining, and so on.

Your IQOS comes shipped with 50% battery life in the pocket charger, and you should be able to use your IQOS right away. There’s no need to charge the pocket charger to full power to use the IQOS holder. Once the pocket charger is fully charged, you can use it 20 times – the same number of times as sticks in a pack of heated tobacco sticks.

Discover more on IQOS and its advantages.

Improve your IQOS battery life

April 4 2019

Looking After Your Device: 5 Ways to Extend Your IQOS Battery Life

Would you like to extend the life of your IQOS battery? Like any other electronic device, frequent use tends to drain power and performance if it’s not used correctly, and no one wants to be caught short with a flat IQOS. So we’ve compiled a list of five great ways that you can keep power and extend your IQOS battery, as well as a few tips for keeping your device in great working order: 


1. Unplug your IQOS when fully charged

One of the most common ways to wear out your IQOS battery is to overcharge it. So leaving your device in the IQOS charger overnight can end up causing the battery to empty. Even though it’s a bit less convenient, unplugging your IQOS when it’s fully charged is an easy way of keeping battery life longer. 


2. Don’t let the battery empty before you recharge it

Allowing your battery to empty fully before you recharge it, really reduces its lifespan. Instead, recharge the IQOS after every 20 uses - which, conveniently, is whenever you finish a pack of heated tobacco sticks.


3. Store IQOS at the correct temperature

It’s a little-known fact that exposure to high temperatures can damage products like e-cigarettes and IQOS, reducing the lifespan of both the device and its battery. After each use, make sure that you store your IQOS in a cool and well-shaded area. Try not to store your device in very cold places either. 


4. Keep your IQOS clean

To get the most out of your IQOS, clean it regularly using the IQOS cleaner and cleaning sticks - this will keep your IQOS in great condition and will give you a satisfyingly consistent taste. 


5. Use it regularly

By using and charging your IQOS regularly, you won’t allow the battery to drain, which means it will always have the level of power you need for the best experience.

IQOS Battery Safety

We often see concerns about the safety of e-cigarette batteries on the internet, but IQOS does not fall into this category. All IQOS products undergo exhaustive safety tests before they go on sale. Every material used is tested and assessed, and each component is made to an extremely high level of quality and safety standards.

At the end of lifecycle of your IQOS device, you can bring it to the nearest recycle point as you can do with other regular electronic devices.


Discover more about the technology behind IQOS and its advantages.

Click and Collect Spain IQOS

February 28 2019

Click and Collect is now available – collect your IQOS in selected stores

Together with the launch of the new IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi, we inaugurate the new e-commerce service Click & Collect. Available for all the IQOS product range, it allows you to shop online and collect your purchase in selected stores.

You can be one of the first to discover all the advantages of the new IQOS 3 devices: make your purchase online, select the option collect in store and chose one of the following collecting points. Live the IQOS experience.

Where to collect your IQOS in Madrid

  • C.C. Plaza Norte 2, San Sebastián de los Reyes | Monday to Saturday: 10 am-10 pm - Sunday: 11 am-9 pm
  • C.C. Gran Plaza, Majadahonda | Monday to Sunday: 10 am-10 pm
  • C.C. Plenilunio | Monday to Sunday: 10 am-10 pm
  • C.C. Castellana 200 | Monday to Sunday: 10 am-10 pm


More stores will soon be available for the service Click and Collect.



December 15 2018

The snow is back! So does IQOS Terrace!

Our exclusive space IQOS Terrace reopens its doors to offer you unique experiences in your ski trips.

Located in one of the most beautiful places of the Pyrenees Grandvalira - sector Tarter, it is the perfect place to make a stop and relax during the ski day.

All of this and much more can be found at IQOS Terrace:

• Terraza Lounge

• DJs

• Restaurants

• Cocktails

• IQOS Store




pop_up madrid

November 8 2018


Did you already visit our pop up stores?

We wait for you every day at Gran Plaza 2 and Plaza Norte 2, from Monday to Sunday, to offer you the best experience with IQOS.

Our experts will attend you with information, sale assistance of devices and accessories and also after sales services, like cleaning.

MONDAY – SATURDAY: 10-22 Hours
SUNDAY: 11-21 Hours

Plaza del Comercio, 11-12, ground floor
28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, España


MONDAY – SUNDAY: 10-22 Hours

C/ de los Químicos, 2 – first floor
28222, Majadahonda, Madrid, España


MONDAY – SUNDAY: 10-22 Hours

Paseo de la Castellana, 196-204,
28046 Madrid, España


Space reserved for adults only.

Servicio de limpieza gratuito y profesional para tu IQOS

September 3 2018

Professional free IQOS device cleaning

Visit one of our authorized points of sale where you will receive personalize support, solve any question you might have regarding your IQOS device and will benefit from a free professional IQOS device cleaning.

Because the regular cleaning of the IQOS Holder is essential to guarantee a consistent experience of taste and prevent malfunctions, now you can have a free deep cleaning for your IQOS in the selected stores below.



Servicio de soporte especial IQOS

September 2 2018

IQOS Special Support Service (EU&Switzerland)

Are you experiencing issues with your IQOS device while travelling abroad?

Starting from today we are proud to offer adult IQOS consumers from selected European countries our free IOQS support service when travelling within EU and Switzerland.

In case you experience an issue with your IQOS Device when travelling within EU and Switzerland, now you can benefit from our service which includes replacement of your non-functional IQOS device, where possible.

This service is offered within the duration of your IQOS voluntary warranty valid in the country of purchase.


If you are already registered as an adult IQOS consumer with a registered IQOS Device you can take advantage of this service immediately.  If not, register yourself and your IQOS Device at to start enjoying this service.


If you need support while abroad, contact the IQOS Customer Care toll free number *00800 23 7 23 888 for assistance.  Before placing the call, please ensure that you have on hand your complete temporary address (i.e. Hotel name and address).

*Connection limitations may apply with some mobile operators. In the unlikely event this happens, you can reach us at +30 211 211 6043 (certain charges may apply, please consult your operator for details)


If you are using your IQOS Device overseas, please ensure your AC Power Adaptor is suitable for the country voltage where you are staying. 


IQOS support service is available for adult IQOS consumers residing in and travelling within the following countries:

Greece, Greek Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, UK, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia


Service options, IQOS Device and its components availability, response and delivery times may vary according to country.

You can check your registration status on by logging in with your credentials

This service will not affect your statutory rights and rights under the IQOS voluntary warranty valid in the country of purchase.

Where an exchange takes place, then any replacement part becomes your property and the replaced part becomes the property of the entity which makes the exchange.

IQOS Device issues are defined in terms of material or workmanship when used in accordance with the IQOS User Guide.

The following are excluded from the service: a) damage caused by normal wear and tear; b) cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents, broken plastic etc.); c) damage caused by misuse, power surge, improper handling, liquid contact or fire; d) malfunction due to use with non-compatible product; e) damage or malfunction caused by attempt to open, modify and repair, either by a user or by a service provider not accredited by the manufacturer; f) damage or malfunction caused by failure to use as described in the associated IQOS User Guide.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions, or would like help using your IQOS Device.


Q: Who/what is covered by the IQOS Special Support Service?

The Special Support Service is applicable only when all three of the following conditions are met: (i) you are an adult IQOS consumer from EU or Switzerland; (ii) yourself and your IQOS device are registered in EU or Switzerland; and (iii)  you experience an issue with your IQOS Device when travelling within EU and Switzerland outside the country where there device is registered.

Q: How long does coverage under this service last?

The service is offered within the duration of your IQOS voluntary warranty valid in the country of purchase.

Q: How much does it cost?

The service is a free service that is made available to all registered IQOS consumers from EU or Switzerland.

Q: How does the service work?

If you need support while abroad, contact the IQOS Customer Care toll free number *00800 23 7 23 888 for assistance.  Before placing the call, please ensure that you have on hand your complete temporary address (i.e. Hotel name and address).

*Connection limitations may apply with some mobile operators. In the unlikely event this happens, you can reach us at +30 211 211 6043 (certain charges may apply, please consult your operator for details)

Q: Can I contact my home IQOS Customer Care to assist with the replacement?

Your home IQOS Customer Care will assist you for replacement when you are located in the country where your device is registered. For any device issues or inquiries while travelling within EU or Switzerland, please contact the IQOS Customer Care toll free number *00800 23 7 23 888.

Q: I am a registered customer but my device is not registered. Can I still be supported by IQOS Customer Care when travelling within EU or Switzerland?

Only registered IQOS consumers can benefit from the service. If your device is not registered, our Customer Care agents will be able to assist you with device registration prior to providing you with the support. We advise customers to always have their devices registered in the country of residence in order to have a smooth support while you travel.

Q: Do I need to return the faulty device?

In most cases, you will keep the replaced component. Exceptions may occur in some markets jurisdiction whereby you will be requested to return the replaced component at the time the new component is delivered to you.                                                                                                                                                          

Q: If not, what should I do with it?

The symbol (add the trash bin image) on the device or on its packaging indicates that this product and its individual parts (including batteries) must not be disposed of with your other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Amongst other, waste batteries can be returned free of charge at the point of sales. For more information about where you can drop off your waste equipment for recycling, please contact your local city office, your local household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the device.

Q: In which countries does the service apply?

IQOS support service is available for adult IQOS consumers residing in and travelling within the following countries:

-          Greece

-          Greek Cyprus

-          Romania

-          Bulgaria

-          UK

-          Spain

-          Portugal

-          Netherlands

-          Switzerland

-          Germany

-          Denmark

-          France

-          Italy

-          Poland

-          Lithuania

-          Latvia

-          Czech Republic

-          Slovakia

-          Croatia

-          Slovenia

Q: How fast will I get a replacement device if I contact IQOS Customer Care?

The device replacement will be sent within one to four days, depending on the local service provider’s required time to deliver and your location.

Q: Do I need to make any payment for this replacement?

Replacement is free for registered customers.

Q: I tried calling IQOS Customer Care toll free number but it doesn’t work. Why? And what should I do?

Connection limitations may apply with some mobile operators. In the unlikely event this happens, you can reach us at +30 211 211 6043 (certain charges may apply, please consult your operator for details)

Q: I am travelling within EU and Switzerland and there is an IQOS store near my hotel. Can I exchange my device there?

No. Your free replacement offered under this service will occur only after calling IQOS Customer Care toll free number and providing your temporary location address where the replacement device will be delivered.

Q: Which IQOS device version will I get as replacement?

The proposed device version will correspond to the version which is being available in the visited country at the time of the replacement request.

Q: I bought a device during a trip abroad and I’m now back in my country of residence in EU or Switzerland. Who should I contact in case I need support with my device?

As you are not travelling, you can call your local Customer Support Center in your country of residence. We advise you to register your device before calling in order that have a smooth and quick support from our agents.


This product is not risk free. This product is intended for adult use only.