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59,00 €

Discover the heating tobacco device IQOS ILUMA WE limited edition. Achieve the best experience with the most iconic design, and the innovative heating tobacco technolgy. The product includes the "holder", the pocket charger, charging cable and the power adapter.

With no need to clean the device, it does not produce combustion, ash, smoke and without cigarette smell.

Important information: This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.

3 years of legal guarranty.



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An  IQOS ILUMA ONE device.

Say goodbye to burning tobacco

IQOS heats the tobacco instead of burning it. Say goodbye to the smoke of cigarettes. Without need to clean the device, IQOS does not produce combustion, ash, smoke, or cigarette smell.

An  IQOS ILUMA ONE device.

20 uses per full charge

The heated tobacco device contains a “holder” with two consecutive uses and the fully loaded pocket charger has up to 20 uses. Each use lasts up to 6 minutes.

IQOS Originals Duo accessories: silicon sleeve in red.

Easy and intuitive use

Insert the heated tobacco stick inside your IQOS ILUMA Holder. Wait for the vibration, and it's ready to use.

An IQOS Device
An IQOS Device An IQOS Device An IQOS Device An IQOS Device An IQOS Device

The technology behind heated tobacco:

IQOS is a tobacco heating device. Its technology ensures that tobacco, specifically treated to be heated, does not combust.

Metalic heating element:

Made of stainless steel, it allows the tobacco heating unit to be heated unifmormly.

Front seal:

Prevents the exit of tobacco residues. Cleaning the device? Never again.

Cooling tube:

Made with cellulose acetate, it cools tobacco vapor.

Protective wrap:

Allows a cleaner experience.

Airflow chamber

Allows the puff with the right amount of air.