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Access to your personal profile in IQOS.com and start the Trade in process by selecting the device that you want to exchange for a discount in the IQOS ILUMA series.

Take your pick from our latest IQOS devices. You'll get your money off straight away in the shopping cart.

Discover your Trade in discount

10€ discount in Peninsula and Balearic Islands over all IQOS ILUMA devices.

Return your old device

We'll collect your current device while we deliver your new IQOS ILUMA series device.


You can participate in IQOS Trade In Plan 1 time per calendar year.


Enjoy the new range for less
Packed with breakthrough technology IQOS ILUMA takes sensorial pleasure to the next level
(Peninsula and Balearics)
Pocket-sized and ideal on the go.​ Save 10€ through the Trade in Program.
(Peninsula and Balearics)
Refined and advanced.​ Save 10€ through the Trade in Program.
(Peninsula and Balearics)
Effortless and enjoyable.​ Save 10€ through the Trade in Program.
Top Trade in questions answered
Where is Trade In Program available?​

Trade In Program is only available in Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Canary Islands are excluded from this program.​

What IQOS ILUMA series devices can I get through the Trade in Plan?

Through the Renew Plan you're able to get any IQOS ILUMA series device:  ILUMA, ILUMA PRIME o ILUMA ONE. In exchange of your current IQOS we'll offer an exclusive discount for your new ILUMA device.

What IQOS series models are available for the Trade in Plan?

Trade in Plan is available to obtain a discount in your new IQOS ILUMA series device in exchange of any of the following models:

IQOS 2.4 and IQOS 2.4 Plus

IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3 Multi.

Which is the discount that I get through the Trade in Plan for my new IQOS ILUMA?

The value of the IQOS Trade In Program discount is 10€ over website selling price of IQOS ILUMA series devices (ILUMA, ILUMA ONE or ILUMA PRIME) selected to be exchanged for your current device.

Why do I need to return my current IQOS device?

To enjoy the discount associated to IQOS Trade in is mandatory to return your old device. Enrollment on the program and delivery of the discount are strongly linked to the return of your current device.

What if my device is incomplete?

If your current IQOS device is not complete, what means that you cannot provide any of its parts (holder or charger), it is not eligible to fulfil a Trade in order.

IQOS Renew Plan Terms and Conditions
Check here on detail the Terms and Conditions.